Kingdom Business
Mission Overview:
Advancing the Kingdom of God through Christian art,
education and community outreach!
Christian Services:
What We Do
  • Promote the Gospel
  • Promote Christian arts
  • Promote Christian education
  • Promote community outreach

Kingdom Literature Distribution is our educational booklet with relevant articles
dealing with today's issues facing Christians.

Kingdom Connection is our prayer line. Do you need/want someone to pray with
you? Send us an e-mail and we'll enlist God's prayer warriors to pray with you and
on your behalf.

Links are our connection to others.  Link your site with us and help promote the
Gospel Good News.

Thank you for visiting our site! At Kingdom Business Ministries we believe in
allowing the Holy Spirit free reign to work in the lives of individuals. We believe this
work is accomplished through people willing to receive instruction and guidance
from the Holy Spirit.
And as ye go, preach,
saying, The kingdom of
heaven is at hand.
Matthew 10:7
The Word
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